2015/10/25    ロンドンで実施する官民連携のプレゼンテーションイベント「PRESENTING JAPAN」に登壇しました

Dates:Sat 24th October to Fri 30th October, 11.00 to 18.00 (London time)
Location:QEⅡ Centre,Broad Sanctuary,Westminster,London SW1P 3EE
Organizers:Japan Presentation 2015 Executive Committee

開催期間:2015年10月24日(土)~10月30日(金) 11:00~18:00 (ロンドン現地時間)
会場:クィーンエリザベスⅡ カンファレンスセンター前 芝生広場特設会場
主催:ジャパンプレゼンテーション 2015 実行委員会

The venue for the Rugby World Cup will move from England to Japan, where the tournament is due to be held in 2019. Creative artists, craftspeople, chefs, sporting figures and other people representing the best of Japan were gathering in London at the end of October in 2015 to convey the values of the nation to a worldwide audience. Presentations involving six topics were given over a period of six days by many illustrious individuals who very rarely come together on the same stage.


Did you know that one of Japan’s most adored pop idols is actually a virtual star created by singing voice synthesizer? Top Japanese creatives revealed the inventive technology they use to give robots or virtual personae like this a range of ‘emotions’.